22 January 2015

滷水牛展 + 蒜蓉醋汁 Chinese five spices beef sheen (gravy beef) with vinegar dip

牛展 1公斤
生抽 3/4-1杯
老抽 3-4湯匙
八角 1粒
月桂葉(香葉) 8塊
5香粉 1茶匙
薑 2湯匙
李錦記滷水汁 半杯
水 3-4杯
紹興酒 2-3 湯匙
麻油 隨量


Gravy Beef (or beef sheen) 1kg
light soy sauce 3/4 to 1 cup
dark soy 3-4 tbsp
star anise 1
bay leaves 8
5 spices powder 1 tsp
ginger 2 tbsp
lee kam kee chinese marinade sauce 1/2 cup
water 3-4 cups
xiao xing cooking wine 2-3 tbsp
sesame oil to taste

1. 牛展飛水
2. 放入所有材料煲幾粒鐘至水份蒸發一半 (即是滷水料出了味再濃縮了一半), 成滷水汁. 如下圖s.
3. 冷藏
4. 切片


Pre-boil beef to get rid of the blood foams and unpleasant smell. Discard water.
2. Put everything into the stock pot and boil for a few hours until liquid has been reduced to 1/2 or less(as following pictures).
3. Fridge
4. slice

也可以放入新鮮麵做成牛肉麵 (緊記+滷水腩汁):
Also goes well in fresh egg noodles. don't forget to add some sauce to your noodles soup.


蒜蓉 (生或乾也可)


Vinegar dip:

white vinegar
sesame oil
chopped chillies

mix everything together to your taste.


1. 牛展剛煮完是會散散地的, 放牛肉麵質感似牛腩, 要放雪櫃冷藏, 凍了之後會再次變得堅實 (堅係好實), 才可以切片的, 否則一切就散.

2. 唔好落太多八角或五香粉, 否則會好大陣藥材味, 先煲幾個鐘, 唔夠味再加材料.

Useful tips:

1. The beef will fall apart easily when it's been cooked for hours and is still hot. refrigerate before slicing is recommended. it will be firm again when it's cold. don't attempt to cut or slice it when it's still hot if you don't want it to fall apart.

2.  Do not add too much star anise or 5 spices right from the beginning if you don't want a strong medicinal taste. Wait a few hours until the sauce is reduced and try the sauce before you add any more spices.

29 July 2014

Pan fried garlic bread 平底鑊煎蒜蓉包

Garlic, , herbs and butter (not margarine or soft spread, please)
Garlic side down, fry until golden or when you can smell it

蒜容, 香草, 真牛油 (唔好用植物油果類野, 唔該)
牛油面向鑊, 煎到有香味/金黃

18 April 2014

But C Banana 拔絲香蕉


熟, 2-3隻, 切塊, 香蕉份量唔好太多, 否則一鑊糖漿煮唔晒, 要分幾次整可能會凍, 可能會拔唔到絲

02 January 2014

Epic squid rings by Shaun

This makes enough to feed 3-4 people if you make a good salad to go with it. Something fresh and light would accompany this well as the squid is very rich.

30 November 2013

Breakfast in heaven ^0^

Hot caramel pudding with peach and thickened cream -- if you get a heart attack, this is a happy way to the heaven.