14 November 2011

Our Food garden (all edible plants)

It's a quick glance of our food garden. Seeds have just been put in the ground yesterday. So we'll take more pictures when seedlings are emerged.

呢個只係預覽, 因為岩岩播種所以無咩野睇. 等種子發芽之後就會再影相的~

08 November 2011

Banana bread (it's actually banana toast) 香蕉多士

Toast 1 piece
banana 1 piece
sugar as much as you like :D


Oven it for 15 minutes.

Enjoy it :)

16 October 2011

Photo shoot project for a Japanese Sushi & Bento shop in Perth

Very interestingly, got an invitation for a photo shoot and I'm not the model. It's for a Japanese Bento & Sushi shop in Kingsley near where we live. 

被邀請幫一間壽司店影相, 但模特兒唔係我. 今次既主角其實係壽司同埋便當.

07 September 2011

[Review] Seafood meal at Coral Island Pattaya Thai 食記 芭堤雅 珊瑚島 海鮮餐

Seafood Set lunch at Coral Island Pattaya Thailand

The lunch is prepared by Pattaya Sea Adventure. Didn't know what we'll be eating. the only thing i knew is "seafood set lunch". and i was only expecting things like fish and chips plus a coke. It turned out...

跟左個 local tour, Pattaya Sea Adventure, 個午餐係一早定左的, 初時唔知有咩食, 淨係知道係海鮮Set lunch, 仲以為係炸魚薯條加杯汽水, 點知...

03 September 2011

[Review] Cat cafe Pattaya near Tiffany Show (2/2) 芭堤雅食記 貓貓cafe (下)

Cheese burger

We finally talk about food on this 2/2.

Yeah... the 1/2 wasn't all of the food. We always eat with our big team of crews.

上集講完貓, 其實今集才講食.

對的, 其實我地叫左好多野.... 我地每次都係食到 "帶成隊crew去" 咁食的。

01 September 2011

[Review] Cat cafe Pattaya near Tiffany Show (1/2) 芭堤雅食記 貓貓cafe (上)


After an early flight and an early night the day before, we got up REALLY EARLY on day 2 (10am). Seriously, nothing's really open until mid day. this is the only place that was open in the whole area.

由於之前果晚早機, 所以又早訓, 連帶第二朝一早起左身(10點), 雖然唔想咁早起身(因為咁早真係無野開的), 但訓唔到都無辦法, 落街兜左幾個圈, 得呢一間野有開.

30 August 2011

[Review] UPDATED Thai Trip Pattaya Hotel Sabai Inn [遊記] 芭堤雅 Sabai Inn 酒店推介

Banana bread, Sunshine by the windows after upgraded to the deluxe room
香蕉蛋糕, 搬房後重見曙光

P.S. We bought the banana bread in the supermarket BigC.

Double bed  room in Sabai Inn, it's nice clean and tidy. The first room we stayed in had a large amount of little cockroaches crawling around though... that's terrible. but our friends next door had nothing at all. we were suspecting that's the hole at the corner of the bathroom. but everything's fine and good and clean after the staff upgraded us to another room.

One really good thing about this hotel, no big group of tours, no mainland Chinese people :D.

住過呢間 Sabai Inn好多次, 都係第一次成間房都係曱甴, 真係好恐怖, 但同行的朋友在隔離房就一隻都無, 好奇怪... 不過職員幫我地搬左去第二間房之後無事了, 乾淨又舒服~

重點: 呢間酒店無團、無大陸自由行。

29 August 2011

[Review] Tesco Lotus Food Court Pattaya 芭堤雅Lotus食記

Marinated pig leg rice (very yummy!!) it's also very cheap. around THB $40-50!
滷豬脾飯 (超好味~) 而且也只係40-50泰銖, 非常便宜~

23 August 2011

[Review] Thai Restaurant in Central Center Pattaya [食記] 芭堤雅 Central Center 泰國菜餐廳

Fresh spring roll

Forgot the name of this restaurant. it's the only thai food restaurant in the Central Center, near BigC.

呢間野唔記得叫咩名, 係近住第2街的Central Center商場, Big C 附近, 得一間thai food架遮, 係個尾果間, 綠綠地色招牌的就係喇.

10 August 2011

Thai chicken salad recipe 泰式燒雞沙律 食譜

1 day until we're on the plane!! ^0^ so excited. can't stop thinking of the thailand trip and made a thai chicken salad LOL~

仲有一日出發喇~~ 去泰國, 好耐無去過了~ 今次又係一大班人去哈哈~ 整左泰燒雞沙律 :D

23 July 2011

[Review] A local Kebab and Sushi Shop in Kingsley [食評] 附近一家壽司卡巴小店

In Perth - West coast of Australia, there's a lot less asians than in Sydney or Melbourne. it's really hard to find good and authentic asian food, especially in the suburbs that are not close to the city center(here where i live). this little kebab sushi shop is originally owned by a kebab guy(those with dark skin color..). After it's bought by a Japanese Chef, Shingo, who migrated here, now it also sells sushi! The owner of this shop used to work in the Hilton Hotel. so the Sushi and bentos here are a lot better than others' in the area around!
在澳洲西岸的柏斯, 在澳洲來講, 沒有悉尼、墨爾本那樣多華人, 要找好吃又正宗的亞洲菜式也不易, 特別距離市中心不太近的住宅區(我住的這裡). 這家卡巴壽司小店, 本來是一家卡巴店(黑皮膚那些人呢..), 被一個日本移民來的廚師 Shingo 買了之後, 這店也售壽司了~ 這店的店主以前是在Hilton酒店當廚師的, 做的壽司及便當都比同區的好吃!

18 July 2011

Szechuan chicken 四川口水雞

It's a szechuan spiciness recipe. if you can't stand it use only 1 chilli.
以下呢個份量, 係四川辣度份量, 怕辣的可以落1隻辣椒.

12 July 2011

Low carb sugar free chocolate muffins and carrot cake recipe 無糖 無澱粉質 朱古力味鬆餅 及 廿筍蛋糕 鬆餅

Each mini muffin has 0.75g effective carbs, 1g fiber, 3g proteins, 92.5 calories.
12鬆餅含約0.75克有效碳水化合物1克纖維, 3克​​蛋白質,92.5卡路里。

Sugar free Starch free low carb muffins (mini) (original flavor) [西柚減肥法可食] 無糖無澱粉質鬆餅蛋糕 (原味)

On this grapefruit diet i haven't been eating starch nor sugar for 10 days now. really going crazy. i'm REALLY craving for desserts.
在此葡萄柚飲食沒有澱粉10天了。真的瘋了。我真的很渴望甜品<-- Google translate 谷歌翻譯 hahahaha

Grapefruit / low carb Diet (starch free carbohydrates free sugar free low carb diet) understanding on the bio chemical side and how it works 西柚減肥法原理及實踐(低碳減肥/低碳水化合物減肥法)

After all the researching, including how it works, now I wanna share it with you at the 3rd day of my Grapefruit Diet. there are many different weight loss diets. even if you search "grapefruit diet", you'll still see different sayings that are basically conflicting. so the aim of this article, is to know more about this grapefruit diet in a bio chemical way. when you actually know how it works, you can judge the rumors yourself.
搜集過有關資料, 包括佢運作原理, 可食及不可食等, 現在西柚減肥法第3日, 想同大家分享下心得, 同埋減肥中都可以食既野, 至於可食的甜品, 還在極力研究中.
坊間一直流傳好多不同的減肥法, 單係西柚減肥法, 也有好多相矛盾的細節, 所以, 呢篇文章主要目的, 就是透過深入了解其化學原理, 自己判斷哪些是謬誤, 哪些是對的.

Grapefruit / low carb diet diary weight Chart (Low carb/Low carbohydrates diet) 低碳水化合物減肥法/西柚減肥法每日進程折線圖表

grapefruit diet.JPG
The above chart is recorded from 27/7 to 8/7 (today); morning, afternoon, evening and before bed 4 times everyday. it's still morning now so there's only 1 figure for today.
you can see the first few days the weight wasn't really changing. the first week it's basically still around 55kg. there were downs for about 0.5kg or even 1kg but then it goes back up to 55kg. but the second week (this week), the body weight has been stably decreasing.

[Easy recipe] Korean BBQ Beef with rice [簡易食譜] 韓燒牛肉飯

I'm assuming everyone's busy during the week. so i try to share simple dishes on weekdays. this Korean bbq beef dish is really easy. basically you just need to get a jar of bbq beef marinade, some meat. and cook them.
通常weekday個個要返工, 都唔得閒煮太繁複的送架喇. 所以, 今次就整一個超容易的, 基本上, 就係買一支醃醬, 直接放肉去煮就可以了, 可以話不能夠再簡單!

[Recommended item] Garlic crusher [推介買物] 切蒜蓉器

One of the good items in the house - Garlic crusher .
今期買物 - 除了雀仔之外, 煮廚好幫手之一, 切蒜蓉器 .

[Grapefruit low carb diet friendly EASY RECIPE] Simple Panfried Salmon DOUBLE DECKER [西柚減肥法一食] 雙層煎封三文魚扒簡易食譜

Two pictures above are both the same salmon. one with sauce and cheese on top and one without. it's up to you how you wanna eat it. the one without sauce is also crispy on the skin so it's good too.
It's diet friendly on this grapefruit diet. if you don't add the salad dressing, it's just a panfried fish with vegetables anyway. so it's relatively healthy.
上圖兩個都是同一個三文魚來的, 一個有汁一個無汁, 你喜歡點食都可. 無汁的那個魚皮也是煎脆了的, 所以也是很好食!
這個餐單是可以在西柚減肥法期間食的. 你唔食個汁更好. 反正佢都是魚和一些蔬菜, 本身已經算是幾健康的.

Chinese Taiwanese Minced Pork Rice with a hat~ 台式肉燥飯 + 帽!~

The "hat" means the fried egg on top.  when you order it in the restaurant, you can say "xxx rice with hat" instead of with egg. of course not all of them. preferably restaurants in Hong Kong, if you try it in other places other than Hong Kong I'm not sure but they might actually give you a real hat, especially tropical countries. No offence but i really see a lot of them wearing straw hats..
This minced pork dish is certainly a good and easy and good value meal. ideal food to cook when you just want to sit back and relax and not doing the cooking work all day. Great for a Wednesday (yeah that's why this is posted today let's make it easy).
"帽" 其實係指頂頭的煎蛋. 下次去餐廳點飯時可以點"乜乜物物飯加頂帽". 但最好係香港的餐廳度試, 其他國家的餐廳我唔肯定佢地明唔明你講咩, 有可能會真係俾頂帽你, 尤其係熱帶國家的餐廳, 唔知點解我成日見佢地戴草帽..
言歸正傳, 呢個飯真係好易煮, 最岩一個繁忙的工作日放工後"hea煮". 之所以呢個飯在星期三出版囉!

Vietnamese Lemongrass Pork Chop with rice 越式香茅豬扒飯

Haven’t been posting for almost a week other than the one for the 1989 Tiananmen Square. I apologize to anyone that has been waiting. And here now we are for the food. This time, lemongrass pork chop.
This is a pretty easy dish, just have to get lemongrass. I’ve tried some jar ones soaked in liquid, but that doesn’t really taste much like the real one we used this time.
好耐無見, 除了上星期六四紀念日出了幅圖寫了幾隻字之外, 差不多有一星期無見. 不好意思要大家久等, 怪就怪那些坦克啦. 今集是香茅豬扒. 其實好容易整的, 醃肉, 然後拿去煮就係喇. 最重要是買到新鮮香茅. 試過一些樽裝的香茅, 香味跟新鮮的比差遠.

[Food decoration] Mango Pudding with Peach simple garnishing - shape and arrangement [食物美化甜品裝飾] 鮮桃芒果布甸簡易甜品美化 - 形狀及擺位

Food garnishing isn't necessarily complicated. this mango pudding is garnished by using fresh sliced peaches cut with shaped cookie cutters .
this is actually a really easy one. but the pictures taken before aren't really that good. and so i need to spend extra time to re-take, which actually means i have to re-eat .
其實食物美化裝飾唔一定要好複雜的, 簡簡單單用一些曲奇模印一的圖形水果出來就可以喇, 也是好靚的.
其實呢個一的都唔難, 只是先前拍的相拍得唔好, 所以要花時間 "補拍", 亦都即係要 "補食" 啦 .

Authentic Italian Tiramisu Recipe 正宗意大利軟芝士蛋糕食譜 (提拉米蘇)

Tiramisu - literally means "pick me up". how "romantic", a dessert has something to do with picking up chicks/guys. yeah it's from one of the romantic nations Italy.
Tiramisu is an Italian dessert with a specific soft sweet cheese "Mascarpone". it's layered with coffee & alcohol mixture dipped biscuits and mascarpone & cream mixture. it shouldn't be too hard if you have the right tools and a good teacher, which is this blog.
Tiramisu 係一個好出名的芝士糕甜品. 主要材料是 Mascarpone 這種芝士. 這種芝士是其實一種甜的芝士, 與 車打芝士, 薄餅芝士等鹹芝士不同, 主要就是要來造甜品. 也有人放進薄餅或意粉來增加幼滑感的. 這個芝士蛋糕, 另一個材料就是浸了咖啡和酒的餅乾. 成品就是芝士及餅乾, 夾層出來的.

Home made Italian pizza recipe 自家製意大利薄餅食譜~

one good thing about making your own pizza, you can add whatever you like on it, not limited only to the menu . jack daniels, bacon strips, bacon strips, bacon strips!
there're many different ways to make pizza. and sure there are some authentic ones. but most of our readers aren't italians. here we're gonna introduce "making it the way you like". not sure if it's authentic, but sure it's delightful!

[Easy Recipe] Teriyaki chicken recipe (or food idea) [簡易食譜] 日式照燒雞 食譜 (煮意)

Looks very asian doesn't it? that's because it is. we've been introducing lots of authentic Chinese dishes. but this one, is JAPANESE. and it's great. because everything japanese is just GREAT.
that's what all chinese think .
It's not really a "recipe". it's more like an idea for your dinner tonight. enjoy it!
嚴格上呢個不是食譜, 不過是一個"煮意"俾大家, 今晚晚餐唔駛諗得咁辛苦~

Malaysian Pandan Chiffon Cake (with easy version recipe) 馬來西亞美食 斑蘭雪芳蛋糕食譜 (有簡易版~)

This sponge cake might look a bit weird in green, but it tastes really good. it's from a kinda of green leaf called Pandan which has a naturally sweet and very nice dessert flavor. and it's originally from Malay.
and of course the recipe involves pandan. it's really hard to find pandan leaves. so we use pandan essense. it looks like this:

Seafood risotto Recipe using Rice cooker 芝士海鮮意大利飯食譜

it looks very professional doesn't it? it's actually not hard to make .
Here's the recipe.

[Easy recipe] Mango Sago Coconut pudding [簡易食譜] 芒果椰汁西米布甸 食譜

It's a very nice tropical dessert. you can either serve it chilled or warm.

[Hong Kong Cuisine] Chinese Cantonese barbecue BBQ pork (Cha Siu) recipe (updated) [香港美食] 自製蜜汁叉燒食譜(更新)

This time we jump straight to the point.
今次我地唔講廢話, 直入正題.

[Easy recipe for city people] Microwave Mug Chocolate Brownie + ice cream [簡易食譜] 微波爐杯裝朱古力布朗尼(小方塊)蛋糕(+雪糕~)

we make microwave recipe or easy recipe because we want to make it easy. don't worry about translating the chinese below. it's too clumsy.
微波爐食譜的重點係快而易, 所需材料器具隨手可得. 好多人食完飯想食甜品果陣, 冰箱來來去去都係得果幾款, 唔係雪糕就雪條, 要焗既野就動輒整成個鐘, 整得黎, 都夠鐘起身返工啦. 今次呢個微波爐杯裝朱古力蛋糕食譜, 只需5分鐘就有新鮮出爐甜品食, 殺傷力比拿你命3000有過之而無不及, 請大家彈遠的, 遠的, 再遠的.

Italian Creme Brulee Complete Recipe with pictures 法式焦糖燉蛋完整食譜圖片教學

it's tasty and easy to make. i suggest you not to look at the nutrition info, esp the item "fat" .
其實真係好易整, 但勸大家千祈唔好睇個營養成份表, 尤其係個脂肪果欄 .