12 July 2011

[Easy recipe] Mango Sago Coconut pudding [簡易食譜] 芒果椰汁西米布甸 食譜

It's a very nice tropical dessert. you can either serve it chilled or warm.

sago and coconut cream. you need a mango and sugar too.
½ cup pearl sago
1 cup coconut cream
1½ – 2 cups water
½ cup sugar
1 mango
半杯 西米
1 椰汁
1½ – 2 清水
1 芒果

Heat the coconut cream + water + sugar + sago to almost boiling point, but don't boil. keep it hot. repeat several times until sago's all cooked.
then layer them in 4-6 glasses.

+++西米去煮, 加熱到接近沸點, 但唔好不斷滾, 只要保持佢熱就可以, 可能要隔一斷時間重覆幾次, 確保它一直熱。完成後倒入4-6個杯仔度。
 HEY LOOK AT ME THIS IS IMPORTANT: this is a relatively easy recipe. you just have to cook the sago until it's entirely transparent. if it's white in the middle, it's not cooked yet.

 just keep layering the way you want it.

tastes good too when it's warm. just like a liquidy tropical dessert. or you can chill it in the fridge for couple of hours. it'll set like a pudding.
 特別鳴謝中文撰寫: 銀戰士
 Chinese interpreter R. Silver.


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