12 July 2011

[Food decoration] Mango Pudding with Peach simple garnishing - shape and arrangement [食物美化甜品裝飾] 鮮桃芒果布甸簡易甜品美化 - 形狀及擺位

Food garnishing isn't necessarily complicated. this mango pudding is garnished by using fresh sliced peaches cut with shaped cookie cutters .
this is actually a really easy one. but the pictures taken before aren't really that good. and so i need to spend extra time to re-take, which actually means i have to re-eat .
其實食物美化裝飾唔一定要好複雜的, 簡簡單單用一些曲奇模印一的圖形水果出來就可以喇, 也是好靚的.
其實呢個一的都唔難, 只是先前拍的相拍得唔好, 所以要花時間 "補拍", 亦都即係要 "補食" 啦 .

1. Even if it's just the same shapes, you can arrange them in different ways to make them all look different.
2. Fully utilise the nature of the fruit. for example, it has a gradual change in color on peaches as shown in the above picture.
1. 就算是一樣的圖案, 也可以有不同的擺法, 就可以做出全部不同款的布甸喇 ~
2. 盡量利用食材本身的特點, 例如桃本身就有少許漸變色, 也就可以印個漸變色的心形出來, 如上圖.

This one is a bleeding heart (the part close to the seed).
呢個淌血的心, 就係近果核位的.

And it only takes you 5 minutes!

 Food used: pudding, peach, sliced before shaping.
Tools: cookie cutters in various shapes.
 所需材料: 布甸, 鮮桃, 切片.
工具: 任何形狀的曲奇模.

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