11 July 2011

Foreword 序 [updated 2011-06-02]

Today this blog is officially named as <<COOKY'S LAB >>.
是日, 本部落正式命名為 [ 煮廚 ] .

"Cookie's Lab"
This is not an experimentation lab... or is it?
Meh and I have been cooking together now for over a year. Our cooking adventures started not long after we started our relationship, and its become a real passion for both of us - both the cooking and the eating of our latest creations.
I think though that Meh has gone much further than I with cooking, and she is very skilled and creative in the kitchen. We cook a lot of Chinese style food, but its also fairly well balanced by Western food and desserts too...
We often cook normal meals during the week for dinner, but on weekends when we have more time available we get a bit more adventurous with what we cook, and thats when things like the Chinese style Roast Pork, Tiramisu, and Pineapple buns come out - these are really something special.
Sometimes, when I'm really lucky, Meh will cook for me while I'm at work and I come home to something really tasty - a great way to end the working day :D
To all the blog readers: I'm sure you'll find recipes here that will quickly become family favourites. I can tell you from my first hand experience, all the things you'll find in this blog will be good to eat, and there will be something for everyone. Some of the things in here are amazingly easy to cook, some require a lot of patience and skills, but they are all worth the effort - just ask my stomach!
Meh, I wish you the best in your cooking and on-line blogging, and I'm really happy to see you expanding your cooking skills and sharing the adventure with the world. I'm always happy to see you having fun in the kitchen creating new and wonderful things and I really like to come and join you for some fun too!
--Love Shaun

在澳洲這個進步得有點落後的發達偏遠地區(以香港作比較),如何能吃得精彩,的確是個難題。不是說澳洲沒有美食(雖然所謂的本土食物只有那些fish & chips),但要吃得價廉物美,每餐也外求也不是辦法。
Cooky’s Lab,一個嘗試挑戰「食物」的地方。現在,開始了。

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