12 July 2011

Grapefruit / low carb diet diary weight Chart (Low carb/Low carbohydrates diet) 低碳水化合物減肥法/西柚減肥法每日進程折線圖表

grapefruit diet.JPG
The above chart is recorded from 27/7 to 8/7 (today); morning, afternoon, evening and before bed 4 times everyday. it's still morning now so there's only 1 figure for today.
you can see the first few days the weight wasn't really changing. the first week it's basically still around 55kg. there were downs for about 0.5kg or even 1kg but then it goes back up to 55kg. but the second week (this week), the body weight has been stably decreasing.

As at today, i lost 2.2kg in 10 days, equivalent to 4.84 lbs.
the long pants that i couldn't fit before, are now loose. it's pretty good.
wonder if it'll bounce back much on the last 2 days when i eat carbs.
won't eat crazily cus on this diet i don't have to be hungry. i just can't eat starch or sugar. so i'll eat bread which i have been longing for. I REALLY LIKE BREAD!!!! I'M A BREAD FREAK!!
Target weight loss is 10kg. will keep going on this low carb grapefruit diet for 2 more cycles. will keep you updated.
Low Carb diet / Grapefruit diet understanding on the chemical side and how it works (will open in new windows)
Low carb dinner recipes:
[Grapefruit low carb diet friendly EASY RECIPE] Simple Panfried Salmon DOUBLE DECKER
Sugar free Starch free low carb almond meal muffins (mini) (original, chocolate and carrot cake flavor)
Also going to write on a cheesecake recipe that i just made up the other day. will let you know the link soon. cheers.

以上係由 27/6 至 今日 8/7; 每日早, 午, 黃昏, 睡前, 記錄4次今日只紀錄了早上.
可見到頭幾日體重唔會變的, 基本上頭一星期, 體重都是上上落落, 有時輕了半公斤但又會重番半公斤, 都圍繞在 55kg, 但第二星期(今星期)開始, 體重已穩定地有所下降.
到現時為止, 10日甩了2.2 公斤, 4.84磅.
之前著唔落的長褲, 現已著得落還有鬆. 不錯.
會食一直都好想食的麵包, 但唔會狂食, 因為呢個減肥法我唔係要捱餓, 只係唔食得麵包唧. 好喜歡食麵包!!!! 是麵包精!
目標係減10公斤, 呢個減肥法會用多2個循環, 會不時再同大家報告.
低碳水化合物減肥法原理及實踐 (會在新視窗開啟)
[西柚減肥法一食] 雙層煎封三文魚扒簡易食譜 (會在新視窗開啟)
[西柚減肥法可食] 無糖無澱粉質杏仁粉鬆餅蛋糕 (原味 朱古力味 甘筍蛋糕) (會在新視窗開啟) (還在寫, 希望 11/7 前會寫好!)
前幾日整了些cheesecake, 還未寫. 寫好會再同大家更新的!

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