12 July 2011

[Grapefruit low carb diet friendly EASY RECIPE] Simple Panfried Salmon DOUBLE DECKER [西柚減肥法一食] 雙層煎封三文魚扒簡易食譜

Two pictures above are both the same salmon. one with sauce and cheese on top and one without. it's up to you how you wanna eat it. the one without sauce is also crispy on the skin so it's good too.
It's diet friendly on this grapefruit diet. if you don't add the salad dressing, it's just a panfried fish with vegetables anyway. so it's relatively healthy.
上圖兩個都是同一個三文魚來的, 一個有汁一個無汁, 你喜歡點食都可. 無汁的那個魚皮也是煎脆了的, 所以也是很好食!
這個餐單是可以在西柚減肥法期間食的. 你唔食個汁更好. 反正佢都是魚和一些蔬菜, 本身已經算是幾健康的.

Chef: Shaun D.
廚: Shaun D.

Salmon fillet
Sea salt / rock salt / table salt
Olive oil

1. Rub the fish with Olive oil (No peanut oil please!)
2. sprinkle salt on the fish skin side
3. Panfry the fillets


1. 魚扒身上塗上檻欖油 (記住是檻欖油呀, 千祈唔好落花生油!!)
2. 魚皮上塗上鹽
3. 煎~

make sure it's boned and scaled properly.

you can see olive oil under the fish. also put salt on the skin.

pan fry the skin side first.

when it's about 60% done, flip it. you can see the skin went all crispy now ~
大約6成熟時就將它反轉. 可以見到皮已經煎脆了~

eat it with some vegies, or you'll die. cut up any kind of vegetables you like. it's lettuce, carrots and mushrooms in the picture. we added some smoked salmon soft cheese and salad dressing to it too.
吃些蔬菜, 不吃蔬菜會死的. 甚麼菜都可以. 可以放醬汁但不要太多. 也可以加入軟芝士, 這裡加了煙三文魚軟芝士~

Put a soft cheese on top ( the kind of cheese that's spreadable), and serve with some salad or steamed vegies. will go well with asparagus too.
在三文魚扒頭頂放上一粒軟芝士(軟到可以輕易塗上麵包的果種), 加些沙律或者蔬菜一起食. 露荀也是一個好好的配搭!

 Use non stick pan. olive oil, less oil. don't use peanut oil!
 鑊要用易潔, 油要用檻欖油, 少油. 千祈唔好用花生油......
All salad dressings contain a certain amount of sugar. some contain more. so read the nutrition lable at the back. the one we used here is honey dijon, which actually contains 24% of sugar. it's A LOT.
其實所有沙律醬都有若干糖份的, 有些較多有些較少. 這裡用了呢個 Honey dijon 汁做沙律, 其實有24%糖的, 這個diet裡來講是十分超級多! 所以揀醬汁記得留意背面的營養成份表!

normal mayonaise is about 9% but it's still a lot.
普通全脂沙律醬(又叫蛋黃醬) 就只有9%, 但仍然算是多的.

however, quite surprisingly, the smoked salmon cheese contains only 1.9% of sugar! which is actually pretty good in this diet.
出奇地這個煙三文魚軟芝士只有1.9%的糖. 在這個西柚減肥法餐單裡可算是一份不錯!

but don't pick a fruit cheese, because they have 2X% of sugar generally .
我都好中意食生果軟芝士, 但減肥期間暫時不要食了. 它們平均都有2x%的糖份的.

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