12 July 2011

[Hong Kong Cuisine] Authentic Cantonese Crispy Roast Pork Belly Complete Recipe [香港美食] 自製正宗廣東脆皮燒肉食譜

Cantonese BBQ is one of the most challenging cuisine. as it's so easy and cheap to buy from the shops, no one really makes it at home. and that's what we're trying to challenge this time .
一直覺得廣東菜最高難度之一既菜式就係燒味, 試問有邊個香港人, 會無端白事走去自己燒叉燒呢? 正因為咁, 我無辦法唔去挑戰下佢 .

要整出靚既燒肉, 就要揀豬既腩肉, 即係圖中橙色既部份, 近胸半肥瘦或者五花腩更好.
pork belly is what we need for this dish, indicated orange in the diagram. if it's available, the upper part of it is even better. we got the sliced one from the supermarket in this challenge. if you get it from the butcher, try to get a more squared one. it'll make your job a lot easier!
上其他醃料之前要抹左紹酒先, 全名紹興廚用花彫酒.
it is a chinese cooking wine. should be easy to get from asian grocery stores. brush it onto all surfaces of the entire meat before other seasonings.
5 spices powder. this is Masterfoods Chinese five spice, but you can use other brands.
其實呢個燒味一的都唔難整, 但燒味舖買的都唔係間間好食, 點解呢?
it is actually not too hard to make, it's just hard to make it good. sometimes even proper cantonese BBQ shop's isn't always that great. why?
1. 首先肉既品質好緊要, 本身係豬扒仲要係雪藏質素的話, 係點都唔會變女神既.
First, the quality of meat is important. bush pigs can never turn into a cover girl.
2. 第二你買既時候佢新唔新鮮好緊要, 曾經幾靚既靚女都會有老既一日.
Second, freshness of the roast pork is as important. even cover girls grow old and they just won't be the same.
3. 第三當然係友伴, 同埋食者本身既心情, 如果同枱友伴唔係豬扒就係老女既話....... 燒肉就會(無耐地)變成全枱最好的.
Third, the companion is another factor. if all you're eating with are either bush pigs or old bush pigs..... unfortunately, the pork'd become the best.
 Recipe 咁到底呢個燒肉係點整架呢.
五花腩肉  600克
粗鹽    適量
醃燒肉料 :
紹興酒   1/2 湯匙 (先將酒抹上)
幼鹽    2茶匙
糖     1/8茶匙
雞粉    1/4 茶匙
沙薑粉   1/4茶匙
五香粉   1/8 茶匙
Pork belly   600g
Rock salt    some
Seasonings :
Chinese cooking wine   1/2 tbsp (brush onto meat first)
table salt    2 tsp
sugar     1/8 tsp
chicken stock    1/4 tsp
Galanga Ginger Powder   1/4 tsp
5 spices powder   1/8 tsp
1. 五花腩肉去毛, 飛水約3-5分鐘 (飛水既意思係用水煮舊肉煮到的水表面有好多泡/渣, 而果的泡/渣就係污穢物, 就係要被洗出黎既野, 唔要既).
    Remove all the hair, boil the meat for 3-5 mins. the foam ending on the surface of the water is what you wanna get rid of. they stink.
2. 之後抹乾椋水, 用叉、籤或豬插係豬皮上面插好多孔, 越多越好, 否則個皮唔會爆沙, 食落口就唔夠鬆脆.
    Dry the meat. punch LOTS of holes on the skin. this is the key of making the skin crispy. if there's no enough holes, it'll still be crunchy, but it won't be light and crispy as the authentic one.
3. 抹紹酒.
    brush chinese cooking wine on all the surfaces of the meat.
4. 抹其他醃燒肉料.
    then rub other seasonings on.
5. 吊起風乾最少一個鐘, 4-5個鐘甚至吹過夜, 為每次都有統一既效果, 可以開座枱風扇直吹.
    hang the meat up for at least an hour to let it dry. can dry it for 4-5 hours or even overnight. for more unified results, you can use a desk fan.
6. 皮向天, 用錫紙包住四邊肉, 錫紙要高過舊肉, 最好1吋左右, 可以放粗鹽係皮表面用作吸水, 咁個皮會更脆, 如果舊肉夠乾的話, 鹽唔會咁易滲入豬皮入面, 因為豬皮本身都好厚靭, 所以唔駛擔心唔會過鹹, 怕失手的話唔用鹽都得.
    skin faces up. wrap the sides with al foil. the foil should be 1 inch taller than the meat. you can then put rock salt on top of the skin to absorb moisture. if the meat is dry enough, the salt should be absorbed into the meat. also the skin is normally too thick for salt to be absorbed. so you shouldn't have to worry about over salting it. but if you're really not confident, you can skip the salt.
7. 放入200度焗爐焗30分鐘, 取出, 刮鹽, 再焗15分鐘, 或者直接焗45分鐘.
    put it in the 200C oven and bake for 30 mins, take it out, scrape off the salt on the surface of the skin and bake for another 15 mins. or put it straight into the oven and bake for 45 mins.
 廣東燒肉重點係個皮, 焗爐焗至中後段, 望入去應該會見到個皮不斷爆沙, 爆得越多就越鬆脆, 如果你先前插孔唔夠多的話就無呢個效果.
      The light and crispy skin is the essense of the Cantonese roast pork belly. the key to success is to punch LOTS of holes on the skin before you bake it. if you under do it, it won't come out the same.
Pork hole puncher(should be sold in asian grocery store)

[Hong Kong Cuisine] Chinese Cantonese barbecue BBQ pork (Cha Siu) recipe (updated) [香港美食] 自製蜜汁叉燒食譜

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