12 July 2011

[Hong Kong Cuisine] AUTHENTIC HONG KONG PINEAPPLE BUN RECIPE Full tutorial [香港美食] 正宗香港式菠蘿包食譜 完整教學

Well, it is hard to not know this if you grow up in Hong Kong.
We have fresh made bakery products every couple of hours a day, and they're usually within 5 mins walking distance. In here, we have ONE shop in the city center of the town. It's also the ONLY Hong Kong bakery in town I know. And actually that's why we're making it now ....
如果你係香港大的話, 你無可能唔知咩係菠蘿包. 香港既菠蘿包, 係每隔幾個鐘就有新鮮出爐. 可惜呢度要專程渣架車出市中心, 先至得一間港式麵包舖咁大把, 仲要叫做麗晶餅店, 好似九流賓館咁既名. 亦因為咁, 所以我先要躝去自己整 ....

Obviously this is kneading of the dough by machine, simply a bread maker (and i would have mentioned their brand name if they've paid me advertisement fee). if you do it by machine, it's gonna take 1/2 hour, if you wanna do it by hand, probably takes you 2. It's important to knead it until it's elastic, to the point that you can stretch out a sheet.
Sit the dough still and ferment it to 2x or 3x the size (apprx. 45-60 mins).
搓麵團, 用麵包機, 大概半個鐘左右, 用手可能要搓2個鐘以上, 總之搓到有彈性, 彈到可以扯層膜出黎仲可以拉下拉下就岩. 然後由佢靜止一個鐘, 做第一次發酵.

And then divide it by 8, and second fermentation.
分8份, 第二次發酵.

Make the crust.

Put the crust on the bread body, and brush egg yolk on top. put it under a warm desk light or a warm oven(just don't cook it) to ferment, for about another hour or until it's 2x of size.
放個菠蘿皮係包面, 放係微暖既枱燈下, 或焗爐裡面做第二次發酵, 記住係微暖, 唔好焗. 又發1個鐘左右, 直至個包2倍大.

That's how it should look after the fermentation and before going into the oven.

Now bake it.

 Now here it is the complete recipe.
Ingredients 材料:
The bread body 包身:
High glutin flour/bread flour 高筋麵粉 200g
Sugar 糖 40g
Milk powder 奶粉 6g
Custard powder 吉士粉 6g (optional)
Yeast 酵母 3g
Water 水 100g (100ml)
Egg 蛋 30g (half egg約半隻)
Butter 牛油 20g
Salt 鹽 1g

The topping crust 菠蘿皮:
Sugar 糖 45g
Soda powder 梳打粉 2g
Low gluten Flour or plain flour 中筋麵粉(一般麵粉)或低筋粉 100g
Milk powder 奶粉 2tsps
Unsalted butter 無鹽牛油 55g
Egg 蛋 4g (1tsp)

Procedures 步驟:
1.      Mix together the ingredients except butter and knead the dough.
將包身材料混合, 牛油除外.
2.      When the dough is formed, add the butter to the dough and knead keep kneading until the dough is elastic enough to stretch out a sheet.
麵團搓好之後, 先至加牛油, 再搓. 直至麵團起筋有彈性, 彈到可以拉出薄膜再拉下拉下.
3.      Sit the dough still and ferment it to 2x or 3x the size (apprx. 45-60 mins). In slightly warm environment, under desk light or in a warm oven (make sure it's not hot, don't cook it).
由佢發酵第一次. 係微暖的環境下進行更好, 可以係枱燈下或者微暖焗爐裡面, 記住唔可以太熱, 佢唔焗得住.
4.      While you’re waiting during the first fermentation, make the topping crust. Mix the crust ingredients together by hand. Don’t use electrical mixer as it’ll make it too fluffy or elastic.
等佢發酵時可以整個菠蘿皮. 材料用手搓, 用電鑽驚會起筋.
5.      After it’s mixed refrigerate for at least 1 hour.
6.      Beat the air out and divide it into 8 little dough.
麵團發酵後, 搓出裡面氣泡, 分成8小個.
7.      Start the second fermentation for about 45-60 mins or until the size is doubled.
8.      When the second fermentation’s almost done, take the topping crust mixture out from the fridge and divide it into 8 round sheets to cover the top of the dough.
發好麵團可以將雪櫃的菠蘿皮團取出, 分成8個皮.
9.      Put the topping crust on, slice diamond patterns if you want (the pineapple pattern), brush egg yolk on surface. Put in preheated oven at 160 degrees for 15 mins.
放上包身, 你喜歡可以界格仔(菠蘿紋), 掃蛋液, 放入160度焗爐, 焗15分鐘.
 Important: This is supposed to be very soft bread with a sweet crackly top. If you’re not sure how your oven works with this recipe, lower the temperature and shorten the time to start with. Or you can keep looking until it goes golden orange color. If it’s undercooked you can always add time but if you overcook it it’ll go too hard like a rock cake.
 重要: 個包應該係好軟熟的, 如果你唔清楚焗爐溫度, 將溫度較低少少或者時間減短少少, 最好睇住佢焗到個皮金黃色就ok. 如果溫度太高或者時間太長會焗到佢乾硬化無得返轉頭, 但唔夠的話你可以再加焗.
Next time, we make a mini pineapple bun.
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