12 July 2011

[Hong Kong Cuisine] Chinese Cantonese barbecue BBQ pork (Cha Siu) recipe (updated) [香港美食] 自製蜜汁叉燒食譜(更新)

This time we jump straight to the point.
今次我地唔講廢話, 直入正題.

豬柳/里脊 450 克
叉燒醬 5 湯匙
蜜糖 1 湯匙
麥芽糖 (選擇性)
圖中白酒係孖筋黎架遮, 唔駛理佢.
Pork fillet (get tenderloin, particularly in that shape shown above) 450g
Cha Siu Sauce (should be available in asian grocery store) 5 tbsp
Honey 1 tbsp
Maltose (optional)
Wine in the picture doesn't go into the meat. just drink it or don't worry about it.

1. Marinade the meat in the Cha Siu sauce for 2 hours.
2. put it in 180C oven for 30 mins, flip the meat in the middle of baking (this is to bake the other side)
3. brush honey on the surface, bake for 2 more mins (or until it's a bit caramelised like shown in the picture)


Family Time~

 其實蜜汁叉燒唔難整得"似樣", 但要整得似味呢, 就好講經驗同口味喇. 食譜中既蜜糖係簡單版, 要整到似燒味舖既蜜汁味, 蜜糖以外, 最好加埋麥芽糖, 造出個黏度, 仲要加砂糖, 砂糖煮過先有果種燒焦左既香甜味, 淨蜜糖唔會有的; 溝埋一齊淋上叉燒面, 再焗/燒到佢燶燶地, 先至發揮出叉燒既光環, 食出真諦 .
 this is not hard to make. the essence of cha siu is the tenderness inside the meat, and the partly caramelised honey coating. to make it more authentic, you can add also sugar, maltose to the honey. maltose is to enhance the stickiness, sugar is to enhance the flavor from caramelisation. honey itself doesn't provide all the flavor you get from caramalised sugar . and you should be able to get it from asian grocery stores too.

yum !~
The recipe is also printed on the jar of cha siu sauce, from Lee Kum Kee Recipes.

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