11 July 2011

How grapefruit diet works 西柚減肥法原理

How grapefruit diet works
basically the there are 2 main rationales behind.
Rationale 1: Grapefruit helps the fat burning. Grapefruit contains naringin, which is metabolized to maringenin. It's not just only an antioxidant, it also promotes carbohydrate metabolism. before i can find any other official research report and documentations, this is the most sounding explanation i can come up with.
Rationale 2: The sudden cut down in carbohydrate intake forces the body to burn fat as energy. This explanation is very hard to overthrow. Daily activities require burning sugar to provide energy. a sudden cut down on the intake of it forces the body to burn fat instead. so if you follow the diet strictly, logically you body will HAVE TO burn fat.
原理上, 呢個減肥法分為2大部份.
原理1: 西柚有助燒脂: 西柚含有naringin, 可以經新陳代謝轉化為naringenin, 而naringenin除左抗氧化之外, 有幫助碳水化合物新陳代謝既作用. 係正式研究報告搵到之前, 呢個係暫時我綜合到的 "點解西柚可以有助燒脂" 既最合理解釋.
原理2: 突然降低糖份吸收量, 令身體進入燃燒脂肪狀態: 呢個原理一好簡單, 睇來睇去都好難唔成立. 日常活動透過燃燒糖份來提供能量, 如果你突然停止進食糖份, 身體唔夠糖去提供能量, 就會動用後備儲備 -- 脂肪. 所以如果你戒糖戒澱粉戒得嚴格的話, 基本上你身體係必需要燃燒脂肪的.

Therefore, this grapefruit diet is one of the "low carbohydrate diets", or call it "low carb diet". grapefruit is just a promoter. you can still lose weight even without the grapefruit. oppositely, if you eat grapefruit and keep eating lots of sugar and starch, it is still very hard to lose weight, althought you'll still be losing a tiny bit of weight.
所以呢個所謂"西柚減肥法", 其實係其中一種 "低碳水化合物減肥法", 簡稱低碳法, 西柚只係一個幫助, 無左西柚都會減到, 但你不停繼續食糖食粉的話, 你食幾多西柚都無用. 可能西柚都會幫你減到少少, 只係好少.

so the saying of "you can eat anything just except starch" is false.
坊間流傳的 "除澱粉質乜都食得", 其實係有謬誤的.


Anonymous said...

Is cheese, heavy cream (for sauces), canned diced tomatoes, and white wine (for cooking) allowed on the diet? Couldn't find accurate answers anywhere :(

Cooky said...

tomatoes are ok as long as there's no added sugar.
Thickened cream is ok.
No alcohol
And it depends what cheese, if you want to know the carbs level of each food, just Llook at the nutrition label at theback of the product. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Darn! Some of the starch-free, sugar-free recipes I found asked for dry white wine. Just started to realize how hard it is to find yummy recipes without starch and sugar haha But thanks so much for the quick reply! Your blog posts helped a lot. My boyfriend doesn't understand English, and I understand English better so he reads the Chinese version which makes the diet clearer for both of us. Thanks again!

Cooky said...

Actually I just found the nutrition fact about wine and apparently there is not much sugar so you can have it