30 August 2011

[Review] UPDATED Thai Trip Pattaya Hotel Sabai Inn [遊記] 芭堤雅 Sabai Inn 酒店推介

Banana bread, Sunshine by the windows after upgraded to the deluxe room
香蕉蛋糕, 搬房後重見曙光

P.S. We bought the banana bread in the supermarket BigC.

Double bed  room in Sabai Inn, it's nice clean and tidy. The first room we stayed in had a large amount of little cockroaches crawling around though... that's terrible. but our friends next door had nothing at all. we were suspecting that's the hole at the corner of the bathroom. but everything's fine and good and clean after the staff upgraded us to another room.

One really good thing about this hotel, no big group of tours, no mainland Chinese people :D.

住過呢間 Sabai Inn好多次, 都係第一次成間房都係曱甴, 真係好恐怖, 但同行的朋友在隔離房就一隻都無, 好奇怪... 不過職員幫我地搬左去第二間房之後無事了, 乾淨又舒服~

重點: 呢間酒店無團、無大陸自由行。

29 August 2011

[Review] Tesco Lotus Food Court Pattaya 芭堤雅Lotus食記

Marinated pig leg rice (very yummy!!) it's also very cheap. around THB $40-50!
滷豬脾飯 (超好味~) 而且也只係40-50泰銖, 非常便宜~

23 August 2011

[Review] Thai Restaurant in Central Center Pattaya [食記] 芭堤雅 Central Center 泰國菜餐廳

Fresh spring roll

Forgot the name of this restaurant. it's the only thai food restaurant in the Central Center, near BigC.

呢間野唔記得叫咩名, 係近住第2街的Central Center商場, Big C 附近, 得一間thai food架遮, 係個尾果間, 綠綠地色招牌的就係喇.

10 August 2011

Thai chicken salad recipe 泰式燒雞沙律 食譜

1 day until we're on the plane!! ^0^ so excited. can't stop thinking of the thailand trip and made a thai chicken salad LOL~

仲有一日出發喇~~ 去泰國, 好耐無去過了~ 今次又係一大班人去哈哈~ 整左泰燒雞沙律 :D