13 September 2011

[Review] Coral Island Under sea walking Adventure good fun [遊記] 芭堤雅珊瑚島海底漫步探險記

Under sea walking adventure
(Pictures by Trudy)
On the ground..

Squid shell, big!

Found a dead fish on the sand. A friend of ours in the tour keeps thinking that's a toy :P
岸上發現死魚, 同行友人死都唔信係真的... XD 

Big wave!

Big acting!
Going under the water!!

The first moment in the sea.. was basically being pushed down by the super heavy helmet... was frightened and didn't wanna let go that hand. LOL

The helmet has a tube which other end connects to the natural air around the boat. it's not compressed gas in jar. the thing is... i suspect some sweaty men were walking around the end of the air tube because at some point there was full of armpit gas in my helmet....... = ="

岩岩落水果一野, 基本上係俾個超重太空人頭盔"按"左落水底的... 嚇到唔敢放手 XDDD.

個頭盔有條管, 另一端係通去船附近的自然空氣既, 並唔係用壓縮樽氣. 奇妙之處係.. 突然有一段時間, 我個頭盔係充滿住格甩底氣既......... = ="

Big coral :)

The guide picked up a starfish and passed it around us.

(Normally you're not supposed to touch anything in diving places.)

Yeah.. and the guide also prepared some bread and brought it into the sea LOL.

a big clam. we were told to put our finger in.... by the guide! when he triggered some parts of the clam it'll close up and suck our finger LOL
大蚌! 個導遊仲叫我地隊左隻手指入去... 佢篤一篤佢唔知邊度, 隻蚌就會夾埋左, 啜住我地隻手指 >< ~

Were all safe back onto the boat! pose ^_^ v

This tour is actually really good. should join it if you wanna go to coral island. and the guide is really nice too! :)
呢個團真係幾好的, 有興趣的不妨join下.

(Pictures by Trudy)


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