07 September 2011

[Review] Seafood meal at Coral Island Pattaya Thai 食記 芭堤雅 珊瑚島 海鮮餐

Seafood Set lunch at Coral Island Pattaya Thailand

The lunch is prepared by Pattaya Sea Adventure. Didn't know what we'll be eating. the only thing i knew is "seafood set lunch". and i was only expecting things like fish and chips plus a coke. It turned out...

跟左個 local tour, Pattaya Sea Adventure, 個午餐係一早定左的, 初時唔知有咩食, 淨係知道係海鮮Set lunch, 仲以為係炸魚薯條加杯汽水, 點知...

Seafood basket one basket each person - shrimp
海鮮籃 一人一籃 - 蝦

Seafood basket - crab (good~)
海鮮籃 - 蟹 (好味~)

Seafood basket - mussels
海鮮籃 - 青口

Deep fried something, I think there are some vegetables, fish and other stuff - shared among 4
炸物, 應該有魚, 蔬菜同埋其他野 - 4人一碟

Fish - one fish each person
魚, 一人一條

The same fish *0*
同一條魚, 魚口!

Still the same fish


Vegetable Soup (Good)
菜湯 (好味)

Very fresh tropical fruit, can't go wrong ^^
熱帶地方新鮮生果 ^^

It turned out to be a seafood meal with shrimps + mussels + crab + fish + vegetables + deep fried something + rice + soup and fruits....  ^0^
The meal comes with the tour, don't know how much it is if you wanna go by yourself. can probably check it out though if you really want to. but the tour is actually really good and good value. might as well join it if you like the activities too!

點知出到黎竟然有魚蝦蟹青口炒菜炸野飯湯生果 ^0^
個餐係個團包埋的, 就咁食唔知幾多錢, 如果你要知的話應該總會搵到的. 不過個團本身好好, 又抵, 如果你中意玩佢的活動的話不如直接join埋個團仲好.

~ Food's done, Scenes and fun to be continued ~
~ 食就食完, 但仲有好玩好睇的 ~

Pattaya Sea Adventure
+66 81 411 4554

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