14 November 2011

Our Food garden (all edible plants)

It's a quick glance of our food garden. Seeds have just been put in the ground yesterday. So we'll take more pictures when seedlings are emerged.

呢個只係預覽, 因為岩岩播種所以無咩野睇. 等種子發芽之後就會再影相的~

The green little bush on the left is parsley. the leafy plants next to it are strawberries. the rectangular pot in the front that has one plant in it is chilli. the big green plants on the right along the fence are tomatoes :)

左邊綠色果球野係parsley香草, 隔離一棵棵綠葉果的係士多啤梨, 前面長方形盆有一棵植物係裡面的係辣椒~ 而最右邊已經生長得好大既就係蕃咖喇.

if you wanna look at one that has interactive tags, go to my facebook page.

如果想睇一個比較互動, 有得tag既相, 請去我個 facebook 頁。

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