06 January 2012

[Hong Kong Cuisine] Hong Kong Egg Tarts! Recipe with pictures 港式蛋撻食譜圖片教學

Just suddenly want it :).


Recipe here:

Tart crust pastry (Butter pastry, not puff):

Butter                           90g
Caster sugar                 40g
Egg                              12g
Low glutin Flour           170g
Milk                             9g

Tart filling:

Egg                  160g
Caster sugar     80g
Milk                 50g
Water               180g

Quantity:                       Makes 12 normal muffin size.

Baking instructions:       200C for 12-15 mins

Helpful tips:

1.                  Touch the top of the egg tart with a toothpick. If it’s not runny it’s done.
2.                  Put the tray close to the bottom of the oven to cook the pastry more properly.
3.                  Yeah you got a genuine Hong Kong style egg tarts.


蛋撻皮 (牛油皮, 不是酥皮):

牛油    90
糖粉    40g
雞蛋    12g
低筋麵粉        170g
牛奶    8g



雞蛋    160g
幼砂糖            80g
牛奶    50g

份量              12個普通蛋撻咁大

焗法:               200 12-15 分鐘


1.                  用牙簽掂下個面, 如果唔係液態就係焗好.
2.                  將焗盤放近焗爐底部, 會令撻皮容易的熟.
3.                  恭喜晒~ 你有正宗出爐港式蛋撻食喇!

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