29 July 2014

Pan fried garlic bread 平底鑊煎蒜蓉包

Garlic, , herbs and butter (not margarine or soft spread, please)
Garlic side down, fry until golden or when you can smell it

蒜容, 香草, 真牛油 (唔好用植物油果類野, 唔該)
牛油面向鑊, 煎到有香味/金黃

18 April 2014

But C Banana 拔絲香蕉


熟, 2-3隻, 切塊, 香蕉份量唔好太多, 否則一鑊糖漿煮唔晒, 要分幾次整可能會凍, 可能會拔唔到絲

02 January 2014

Epic squid rings by Shaun

This makes enough to feed 3-4 people if you make a good salad to go with it. Something fresh and light would accompany this well as the squid is very rich.